Colored Vinyl Tapes

Colored Vinyl Tapes Durable and stretchy these tapes are available in a wide range of colors. They will conform to bottle and jar tops adding a decorative seal to your product. They can also be used for decorative stripes on POP or trade show displays, aisle marking, OSHA safety coding, stripes on boats, ATV’s, sports equipment., etc.


Available in: yellow, white, black, clear, red, orange, dark blue, medium blue, sky blue, gray, purple, dark brown, medium brown, light green, kelly green and dark emerald green. Click here for a color chart.

Colored Duct Tapes

Colored Duct Tapes High performance industrial grade duct tape is the perfect solution for many of your taping problems. This tape has excellent water and abrasion resistance making it perfect for temporary repairs on tents and tarps, holding plastic sheeting in place, bundling pipes or wires, light duty sand-blasting mask and more. The wide range of colors lets you match carpets for temporary installation.

Available in: silver, black, white, yellow, school bus yellow, sky blue, teal blue, dark blue, pink, red, burgundy, beige, purple, dark brown, racing orange, light green, dark gree and olive drab. Click here for a color chart.

Colored Gaffers Tape

Colored Gaffers Tape Originally designed for the theatre and movie industry these extra tough cloth tapes have a matte finish so they won’t reflect light. The perfect solution for scenery repairs, wiring hold down, stage locations, carpet and stage covering installations. These tapes can also be used to repair vinyl coated fabric upholstery. This tape can also be used for repairing book bindings.

*** We can now print on Gaffer’s Tape ***

Available in: black, white, gray, yellow, red, dark red, dark blue, light blue, dark green, brown, burgundy and olive drab. Click here for a color chart.

Colored Paper Tape

Colored Paper Tape Colorful paper tapes are perfect for splicing paper and plastic material through processing machinery. They also make great closures on bags and small boxes. These tapes are printable so you can add your logo or other important information. Available as crepes back or flat back.

Available in a wide range of colors.

Metallized Polyester (Mylar) Tape

Metallized Polyester (Mylar) TapeDurable mylar film with a high gloss, bright metal finish. Provides the perfect finishing touch to specialty candy packaging, toys, model cars & airplanes, sporting goods, invitations, fingernails, signs & displays and much more. They are available with or without a backing paper. They can also be used to make highly visible splices in paper and film webs.

Standard colors include: Gold, silver, blue, red, green and black.

Custom colors are available (if you buy enough of it).