Features and use of Printed Masking Tape

” Packaging is a big part of your business’s branding and enables you to provide extra marketing for your brand. The use of printed masking tape allows you to add your logo, business name, slogan and contact information to your packaging tape, helping to increase brand awareness. You can also use printed masking tape to […]

All about Thermal Insulation Tapes

All about Thermal Insulation Tapes Thermal insulation tapes comprises of porous foam or cloth backing materials, providing a thermal barrier around or between components. These types of tapes are manufactured with a variety of backings and adhesives that are suitable to a wide range of applications. Applications of Various Thermal Insulation Tapes Fireproofing: Some thermal […]

Video: Adhesive Tapes and Their Uses

Adhesive tapes are popular for daily use in New Hyde Park, NY. From sealing envelopes to hanging your favourite poster, adhesive tapes are used everywhere. This video shows some different types of adhesive tapes and their uses. To know more, call 516-406-8294 or 800-532-2309. You can send mails at sales@taperite.com.

Super Sticky Double Sided Tapes by Tape-Rite

Double sided tape is a super sticky pressure sensitive tape, coated with adhesive on both sides. Super sticky double sided tapes provide a neat look when two surfaces stick together. Double sided tapes are usually made from strong adhesive and heavy materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester. Due to its strong adhesive nature and […]

Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

Double coated tapes are any pressure sensitive tapes coated with adhesive on both sides. They are designed to stick two surfaces together. They are fabricated in materials including paper, foam and cloth. They can also be used for dampening purposes and may be applied to low and high surface energy materials. They can have rubber, […]

Types of Adhesive Tapes and Their Uses

Adhesive tapes are popular for daily use. From sealing envelopes to hanging your favorite poster, adhesive tapes are used everywhere. You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of different types of adhesive tapes. Types of adhesive tapes: Duct Tape: Duct tapes are the most commonly used adhesive tapes. Duct tapes are […]

Double Sided Tape in NY – Uses for Double Sided Tape

Double sided tapes are used to stick and hold two surfaces together. These tapes have both of its surfaces coated with adhesive. Most double sided tapes can be removed without leaving residue. These tapes are used for various purposes, and are available in different varieties. Uses for Double Sided Tape Double sided tapes are used […]

Security/Tamper Evident Tape – The Best Way to Foolproof Your Package

Tamper evident tapes are special adhesive strips in which any attempts at tampering are easily identified. These tapes provide security by indicating a box or bag has been tampered with. The Importance of Tamper Evident Tapes When you are travelling by air, you will part with your luggage and other belongings. Your luggage may include […]

Electrical Tapes and Their Uses

Electrical tape is pressure sensitive, and it insulates electric wires and other materials that conduct electricity. This tape is resistant to electrical current and provides good insulation. Uses of Electrical Tape Electric tape is easy to remove and easily stretchable. Electric tape can be used for color coding. It is also used to secure lighting […]

Adhesive Tapes Commonly Used in Home Repairs

Some adhesive tapes are useful for home repairs. Adhesive tapes that are waterproof, have the ability to withstand high temperature and provide high tensile strength make it to the category of home repair adhesive tapes. Common Types of Tapes for Home Repairs Duct tape: Due to its versatility, duct tape is used to repair hoses […]